William Wenge-Murphy

I'm a software engineer specializing in JavaScript

Whether it's React, Vue, or even vanilla ES5, I love to build sophisticated JavaScript applications and beautiful, responsive interfaces

I like to stay on the bleeding edge; I obsessively follow emerging standards and TC39 (ECMAScript) propsals.


Currently freelancing and available for new projects (Let's talk)

Previously, I worked for a few years at Runding Corporation on the Strukt project, a web-based, cross-platform project controls solution built on Node.js, used by clients including Walt Disney Imagineering and Westfield Group

Prior to that, I worked on the overhaul of the California state jobs system (Jobs.ca.gov), the Exam and Ceritification Online System.


While my professional expertise lies in web applications across the whole stack, some other technical areas I like to explore, for fun or profit, include compilers and interpreters, algorithmic art, procedural music generation, electronics and FPGAs, reverse engineering, retro-computing (especially the 6502), and cellular automata

I wrote my first computer program at age 10 and just. never. stopped. I started programming out of sheer intellectual curiosity, and after a lifetime of honing my craft I still find it incredibly fascinating.


I live in Sacramento, CA with my girlfriend and a fluffy, spoiled cat.

Ethical vegetarian of 22 years.

Passionately curious autodidact

Wannabe polyglot

I care about animal welfare, civil liberties, homeless issues