It's been a while since I've paid attention to NFTs. I dug deep into it in early 2018, then let it lie. Last I left off there was ERC-20 and ERC-721. I dug into their APIs, wrote some Solidity, did the CryptoZombies tutorial, picked apart OpenZeppelin contracts, dabbled with some thing called Truffle and Ganache, went as deep as the virtual machine and EVM opcodes.

But I haven't kept my finger on the pulse of the NFT and Ethereum world. Let me try to organize my thoughts.

  • There's an ERC-1155 now?
  • ERC-721 has metadata now?
  • Marketplaces have matured. How, specifically, do they work?
  • What's the deal with wrapping?


Which are the NFT marketplaces to even care about? Dapp radar has this list. 14 listings. Collectables.io is shuttered. WaxStash and CryptoSlam have very low all-time volume. Some collectables are themselves their own market: CryptoPunks, CryptoCats


Seems to be common for token wrapping? Uniswap docs for later.

Tokens are sent into specific smart contracts like this "UniswapV2PAir" one referenced from Etherscan here

"Decentralized exchange" rather than token marketplace

Marketplace compatibility


NBA Top Shot is only on the Flow blockchain, which doesn't seem to be decentralized. They certainly dance around the question in their press, which reads to me as trying to mislead. A whole lot of fluff.

This Forbes article on Top Shot is pretty bad. Claiming Flow is "more centralized". It is or it isn't. If it can't function with the central control removed, it's centralized. It's not meaningfully decentralized if it can't function with its head lopped off.

Don't want to be distracted by other chain particulars right now but I'll keep it in mind to look more into in the future.

ERC-721 refresher


Token wrapping

Deploy prices